Welcome to Paulichic Style!

I am Paulina, and have a passion for everything fashion related. Since graduating college I have always, in some way, worked in the Fashion Industry. I love to surround myself with beauty, and getting inspired by all the latest trends. My go-to looks are business casual and street style, especially for those long days at the office, but I like to stay comfy when running around with my little guy. I live in Canada, and have been here for 22 years! I am a proud Canadian and I'm endlessly grateful to my mother for having the strength and courage to move my family here. She is the reason I am who I am today. Her fearlessness, willpower, and determination have been the greatest form of inspiration for me when I was growing up and continue to motivate me today.

I love sharing my style ideas with you, as I believe that the right outfit can influence the course of an entire day!

I hope to leave you feeling inspired with each post, and hopefully push my own style and creative boundaries along the way.

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit.


Paulina ♥